Half-Day Model

The academic program at GLC uses research based, proven methodology developed by The Hill Center. The program is designed to provide individualized instruction to students in K-12. The classes at GLC contain no more than four students per teacher. Each student is assessed in the areas of reading, writing, and math. The special instruction that the students receive is designed to meet their specific learning needs in order to remediate the necessary skills.

  • GLC utilizes The Hill Center’s Language Arts program, which is based on the work of Dr. Samuel Orton and Dr. Anna Gillingham. This program consists of a multi-sensory structured language approach in teaching, reading, and written language.
  • Reading Instruction (HillRAP) relies upon systematic phonics for decoding and emphasizes phonological awareness, word attack, vocabulary development, fluency drills, oral and silent reading, as well as reading comprehension.
  • Written Language Instruction (HillWrite) includes spelling, paragraph dictation, copying, handwriting, grammar and mechanics, creative writing, and composition.
  • Math Instruction (HillMath) includes multisensory techniques with an emphasis on automatic recall of math facts, developing number concepts, following mathematical procedures, speed and accuracy in computation, and increased problem-solving skills.
  • Students attend GLC in the mornings for three hours of instruction in reading, written expression, and math. They return to their ‘home’ school for the remainder of the day. Grades are transferred from GLC to the ‘home’ school at the end of each term. High school classes are offered in English and math. The ultimate goal is to remediate the student to the point where he or she can return to his/her ‘home’ school, full time, with the skills they need to be successful. This typically takes three years in our half-day program at GLC followed by tutoring as the student transitions into their new routine.

After-School Tutoring Connection

Greenville Learning Center offers an afternoon tutoring program. Tutoring sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each student. The tutor will develop a program based on parent/teacher input and an informal assessment. Hourly charges range from $45-$55 per hour.

Summer Tutoring Program

GLC offers a Summer Tutoring Program for those students in need of remediation, for those students who do not want to regress over the summer and for those students that want to be enriched and move forward in their academic studies. For more information on the tutoring services provided, please see the information below or contact the center.

Summer Tutoring Program Flyer Summer Tutoring Program Application